Video In the Backcountry: Entry #3- Recovery


The team and I made it back from our winter excusion in one piece. With just enough challenge to make it interesting but smiles on our faces apon return the trip was a great success. We were abruptly catapulted into the holidays soon after returning and so here we stand. The video is in process and I can't wait to get the edit finished to share with all of  you. In the meantime you can enjoy a still frame from one of the night timelapses that we did. 

 The trip had it's fair share of work. Day 1 consisted of driving a couple of hours to the trailhead. Once there we started our slow and steady journey of 8 miles to the destination- Morris Meadows. Usually a lush marsh/meadow, it was a large snowfield with many pools of frozen water this time of year. It was a bit of a challenge to keep the boots out of the shin-deep pools. Once in camp we were busy till nightfall setting up and attempting a fire. It was more difficult than we anticipated getting the fire hot. The moisture proved very challenging. With the very short December days we were in bed by 7pm. The sleeping bags proved warmer than any fire we had. 

Day 2 consisted of some morning video shots followed by a quick breakfast. We then prepared for the day hike we had planned. We ended up doing a short 2 mile hike furthur up the valley to access some more beautiful vistas. The weather faired well. We had very little wind on the trip and the snow held off until our hike out on the last day. Our second attempt at a fire on the last night was much better. We were very intentional about getting dry fuel. It was nice to warm the feet by the fire this time.

Day 3 was packing up camp. I don't like to waste any time getting home on the last day. You need to leave time if anything goes wrong. Lucky for us everything went as planned. The truck got us home safely as the snow picked up. It ended up snowing all that day. We got out just in time before the weather got ugly.

Now we are back at home-base and the video editing begins. I look forward to sharing the video of the trip here soon!