Timelapse-Cactus Clouds

I've been diving into time-lapse lately and have been accumulating a few videos. It's time to throw them out there and start sharing them. Here is a video from a month ago I did on a fairly windy day. I stumbled on these great cactuses and of course had to attempt a time-lapse. (For larger screen click on the Vimeo button)

For those that are interested in behind the scenes videos, I shot one just for you. As you will see the time-lapse was shot with a Nikon D90 with a 24-70mm lens attached. The intervalometer was programmed to take a shot every 4 seconds. I shot the frames in RAW for more latitude during post-processing. Something I didn't mention in the video was my post processing workflow. The images were processed in Lightroom and deflickering was accomplished using LRtimelapse. This is a new workflow to me so I am still figuring it out but it seemed to work pretty good. I had some serious flickering before I ran it through LRtimelapse. Here is the BTS: