Video in the Backcountry: Entry #2- Mass Gear

Entry #2: At this point in the prep of our winter adventure we gathered our team, called in gear, nailed down a location, and now the gear is rolling in. It's just silly to own all of the things required to go on a trip like this into the freezing cold. So we beg, borrow, and steal what we need. Lining up the gear was the most difficult part of prepping for this trip. That is just the backpacking part. We needed zero degree sleeping bags, winter layers, crampons, tent, gloves, hand warmers and half the food from Wal-mart... I could go on.  Did I say food? Lot's of food. 

On the video end of things I called in a few items including: camera slider, video head, Zfinder, and extra batteries. I also bought several items that were important to cover: more memory cards, rain cover for camera, more batteries!, tripod leveling base, and whatever else I forgot. The kit traveling with me on this trip includes: Nikon D90, D7000, tripod, ZoomH4n, 12-24 2.8 lens, 24-70 2.8, and a handful of other miscilanious items.

With a week and a half of preperation, borrowing backpacking gear, lining up the video kit and a week of not going to bed before 1AM, the work just begins. Call time in the morning is 6am, then off to the Trintiy Alps with a low of 10 degrees. I'll see you on the other side.